Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Tails-Hugs

A very good friend of mine was adopted and went to her new home yesterday!! And by friend, I mean, one of the cats here that I had to share canned food with in the morning. Hugs had been waiting for a new family for about 8 months so you can imagine how excited the girls were when she finally was picked! I know that they're always happy when one of us finds our family...but when it's someone who has been here for an extended period of's super special.

Now...this means two things for me...the first is that I don't have as many cats that I have to compete with for my treats and attention for...second and most gives me hope that my forever family is out there somewhere...I just have to be patient.

So....Hugs...we will miss you!! But we are so happy that you are in a loving home! Good luck and don't forget about us!


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