Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Did you know that this time of year we have soooooooooooooooooooooo many kittens as well as adult cats?? When the days get longer, unspayed female cats get ready to have litters of kittens and that's why most babies are born in the spring and summer. And while everyone loves the cute little faces and the snuggly little fur bundles...at shelters, every day is a struggle to find homes for each one that comes in. It's not easy. The combination of too many cats and kittens and not enough homes can be a deadly one.

The last month or so, we've been trying to come up with creative ways of getting people in to adopt. And many have found their homes...but when one leaves, there are two more to take their place. It's a never-ending battle. And it's becoming scary and stressful for the staff and volunteers. No one wants to have to even think about what might happen if some of these wonderful cats and kittens don't find homes.

So...now is the time to adopt. Now is the time to save a life. What better incentive can we give you than that? Ok..how about we waive the adoption fees in place of a donation? Does that help? Done! Now we just need you...it's the perfect combination. See you soon?


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